[A Tutorial on Text Analysis (June 26, 2023)]

Interdisciplinary Seminar in Social Science Methodology (I3SM)

The primary function of the Interdisciplinary Seminar in Social Science Methodology (I3SM) is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for students and faculty to present their current projects and to receive feedback on either the methodological component of their project or a methodology under development. Presenters can also present new research questions and ideas and receive ideas about which methodologies would work best to tackle such questions. We define methodology broadly as the approaches to which data is collected and/or organized to give empirical content to social science research. It includes both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. I3SM is a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop.

For more information about the workshop and to see a full schedule, please see the I3SM website.

[Introduction to Text Analysis Workshop Colab Notebook]